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Why Sensitivity is a Strength, Not a Weakness

We live in a world where sensitivity is often seen as a sign of weakness. It is commonly misunderstood as vulnerability, a fragility that should be hidden or even rejected. Could you imagine that sensitivity is not relegated to the shadows, that it is not

The Art of Letting Go to Thrive

Understanding the concept of control and learning to distinguish between what we can control and what we cannot control can help us regain a sense of purpose and live a more fulfilling life. In this article, we will explore the areas of life in which

5 Meditation Visualizations You Can Practise Anywhere

Visualization is an essential component of many guided meditations, where an experienced teacher leads the meditator through a compelling and immersive visual journey or scenario. Through the use of imagination, visualization is an effective means of bringing the meditator into a state of deep relaxation,

Is Meditation about Faking Positivity?

Feeling stressed? Meditate. Can't quiet your racing thoughts? Meditate. Unsure of your life's direction? Meditate. For many of us, meditation has become a go-to solution for navigating life's challenges, offering a way to calm the mind and make clearer, more informed decisions. But is the