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How to Be a Better Communicator at Work

It is very common for many of us to be nervous or anxious when we communicate with the people around us—the people we care about, colleagues, and especially our bosses. Because we were afraid to express ourselves to these people, we may have held back what we were feeling, potentially bottling up what we wanted to say and express. In this blog article, I’d like to share ways we can identify our fears and anxiety when we communicate with our bosses as well as how we can overcome them through the power of guided meditation.

“Meditation and mindfulness help when we acknowledge that we have problems when we let go of fear so that the original seed that we want to express can come out and express the struggles that we have.”

In this article, you will learn what cripples us with anxiety and fear while communicating and the signs of fear and anxiety, and how to get into a guided meditation to conquer these fears and become a better and stronger communicator and a productive employee that will bring value to your organization.

To learn more about becoming a better communicator, please read the article below, taken from my interview with Great People Television – Talking To The Boss About Problems, or listen to the interview here. 

  1. So, do share with us what the signs of communication anxiety are.

Signs of nervousness, and then it has a lot to do with the inner battle of the inner mind. Basically, there’s this part of them that would like to, you know, really express it and maybe express themselves in front of their bosses or in front of people that they care about, but as much as they want to do it, there’s this inner mind that holds them back. I call it fear, insecurity. So, through meditation, we allow those feelings to be understood. We become mindful of those feelings.

Sometimes we are able to see these symptoms outside of the body, like shaking hands or sweating. But basically, these are all internal struggles in the mind.

Meditation and mindfulness help when we acknowledge that we have problems when we let go of fear so that the original seed that we want to express can come out and express the struggles that we have.

  1. How do we get into guided meditation? What is the mapping journey?

Through guided meditations, we help people transform. In the session, we make people aware that they are actually experiencing fear in their daily lives. Because if we are not aware of it, we are just puppets of that fear.

We do not even know what we are doing. And out of fear comes violence. Out of fear also comes all these negative actions and reactions, and if we continue to dwell on them, we will have a very negative life experience because all the actions and reactions in our life are our karma, and karma creates a life full of experiences, like an engine. That is, our life experience is created by our mind.

So, when we become mindful through meditation, we can draw the power of mindfulness, the power of like-minded gratitude, love, and compassion into our system to consciously let go of that anxiety, fear, and insecurity. In doing so, you can lead yourself to change. That process is called self-transformation.

  1. That said, how do we then wash away the “fears”?

There’s a quote that comes to mind: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So, if you are a leader, just be vulnerable. I mean, we are all human, we all have that sense of fear, and we mask it.

We just have to be honest with ourselves. When we meditate, we allow that part of us to be pressured and acknowledged. And then we can consciously focus our minds on gratitude for the things we have.

You’ll also feel the love and support you get from your colleagues, bosses, employees, and parents. These feelings come in and melt away the part of you we call the “ego,” and you will be the change you want.

Then you start inspiring others around you to join the culture. That’s what we want to do. We want to bring more light into the world, free people from pain and suffering, and inspire them to live with greater potential.

Michael Teh, 22nd August 2022.

Michael Teh is a meditation coach devoted to a personal mission of awakening more people to higher consciousness. He teaches self-realization through meditation, qigong, yoga and philosophy.

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