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Michael Teh Workshop
The Essence of Life Series 1
27th – 28th March 2021
Time: 11am – 6pm

Lunch will be provided.

This workshop is for those who are continuously seeking for the true essence of self-realization and the fundamentals of meditation.

For every new friend that you bring in to attend Michael Teh Workshop, you will be entitled to a RM 50 store credit which you can utilize for any subsequent meditation or workshop sessions with us.

Drop us an email at to let us know and we will provide you with the code, thank you.


Integrative Yoga with Meditation

In-person session
Every Saturday, 4pm – 5.30pm
Yogshakti Kuala Lumpur

18, Jalan Gallagher, Taman Duta, Kuala Lumpur.
Waze: Yogshakti

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Michael’s instructions and guidance are easy to understand and follow. He also explains well on the purpose of each move and technique, and the relation to life and Mother Nature.

Ken Fong

Michael teaches with passion, love, and care. I always feel calm, and light in my mind when I attend his session. I wish to attend more sessions from him to learn deeper about myself.

Elaine Lam

Michael does not put any pressure being a newbie to yoga. Despite some light pressure on the body at the time of doing some of the movements, I feel very relaxed instantly after.

Rishabh Khaitan

Michael’s instructions on the yoga movements are very precise. I really enjoy the yoga and qigong movements – not too challenging but comfortable and just nice for me.

Mandy Teh


I was feeling quite stressed out and overwhelmed before joining the meditation session. However, after going though the simple meditation steps guided by Michael, I felt much happier, calmer, and connected with my true self. I do wish to learn more about meditation and how to make meditation as a daily practice.

Agatha Karina

I had no expectations prior to joining Michael’s meditation session. However, I sensed peace and calm within me after the session. I am quite amazed at the results although the session was held on a virtual platform.

Fang Kim Zen

Peace, calm and relaxing – these were the emotions I felt after the meditation session. The choice of meditation music contributed positively to my overall experience too. I wish to delve deeper into Michael’s guided meditation session to learn how to be calm and react well on unexpected situations.

Hui Ni

I felt touched by Michael’s simple and easy to understand teaching. I felt more refreshed and focused too. I look forward to having more frequent meditation sessions together. Having experienced the mediation session via Zoom is perfect for me as I am not based in Malaysia.

Yah Hui

 Michael’s teaching on simple breathing techniques made me feel so recharged for the rest of the night. I would consider a 1 on 1 session in the future to fully immerse myself in the meditation session.

Han Ong

I had a lot of things going on in my mind before the meditation session. However, with Michael’s simple instructions to follow, I felt more focused and recharged. It was a great experience for me!


I loved the pace and environment although it was held virtually. Prior to joining the meditation session, I was feeling quite stressed out with life and work, but I felt a lot calmer and less tense after the session.

Pui Mun


On the first day of meditation by my own after the workshop, I sent love to all my family members from my heart (they are in SG and US), to tell them I love them. I also feel something great physically. I don’t feel tired and sleepy for the entire day which I normally would feel tired in the afternoon.

My siblings and I were always upset with my dad for not taking care of himself, and our mom suffers because of him. We always want him to change, yet I realized in the workshop that instead of wanting him to change, we forget to show our love to him. So, I begin to show more love and care to my dad, and I can see that the tension in family is lesser, and my mom is less stressful too. I’m more mindful of every single thing, including paying attention and responding to my mom. Everything changes when we change, life is beautiful. Everyone’s journey is unique. Be patient, be mindful, keep practicing to be in the NOW. Let the process flows through, and we will realize at one point.Thank you, Michael.

Miss P.
Oct 2020

The Essence of Life workshop series is crucial for those who are eager to know what meditation is. Without the foundation of understanding the basics such as proper breathing technique, and stilling the mind, a better meditation experience cannot be achieved. I’m happy that my wife and I were able to attend this together, so that we have a common language to communicate and remind each other every now and then. We do encourage couples, business partners, husband and wife to participate in a group to bring this powerful ancient knowledge into our daily lives. Thank you, Michael!

Kelwin & Weisien

The two-day course has been amazing! I can never explain enough in words on how the workshop has changed me. The fundamental understanding of the concept of meditation and reason of doing it – this has been something I had been looking for. Although I had always known that meditation is good for me, but I have never felt more in place. With the fundamental teaching that I learn from Michael and the experience of sharing with other students, I am able to relate better on what I’ve been going through.

I felt my mind is clearer and things around me are so much more beautiful than before. And in fact, things that I have been seeking have always been in me. Thank you, Michael! Finally, I would like to thank myself for not running away from the workshop. This is the greatest gift I gave myself this year!


The two-day “Essence of Life” workshop had deepened my understanding of what constitutes “life” and “being”. I have inculcated Daily Practice of Meditation for the past two years and with the help of this workshop, it provides another avenue to be recharged and be reminded of some of the Core Values of life which we often overlook or even forget as we maneuver through our busy lives. All in all, this workshop is very resourceful, and I would wish for more people to realize and recognize the importance of meditation. If you are yearning to learn how meditation can help to enhance your Life, I would recommend this workshop as it serves the exact purpose. 

Thank you, Michael, for your knowledge and unconditional teaching. 


This workshop has allowed me to deeper understand about how meditation could be a great tool in our well-being of daily life: to remain still, focused, and centered throughout the day, as well as to calm the mind. I also particularly like Michael’s philosophical concept, just as the workshop name, the essence of life. It cleared many thoughts and blockages that have been bothering me. Looking forward to join the next workshop. Thanks Michael! 


Being the “Type A” personality, through this workshop, it’d successfully tamed me down and brought stillness to my life.

I have always been wanting to find out what is the purpose of my life and who I really am. By knowing that meditation can help me search for the answers, I tried to meditate daily but I often found myself stuck and can’t bring myself back to reality.

After attending the workshop, I have now fully understood the fundamentals of meditation and gained better awareness of my breathing. At the same time, I was able to feel completely relax and calm while realizing my own capabilities to bring myself back to the equilibrium whenever I encounter situations that are both good and bad.

I came to realize that this was the beginning of my journey and it was the right time as everything fell into place. Everyone has their own pace in this journey and I genuinely appreciate how Michael has taught us about the essence of life.

Prior to the workshop, I have been to a few meditation courses but this workshop by Michael, I was able to connect the most and truly understand what I really desire and how my energy flows through my body and the environment during the workshop.

Also, I have been wanting to understand what unconditional love is. Only then I realized that I was lacking the most important part of unconditional love – Self-love.

It is supposed to be a cycle whereby there is give and take, in and out. We cannot truly love one another until we know how to love ourselves. With that, I realized I become more forgiving because I understand holding a grudge is like drinking poison which is only harmful to ourselves.

All I want to say is – thank you Michael for organizing such a great workshop. Self-realization is the first step to know what our life purpose is.  


I believe that a lot of us do care about people’s perspective such as how people look at us, what people comment about and most of the time we cannot take criticism from others. So, we will try to shape ourselves to be on par or beyond people’s expectations.

In the process of shaping ourselves, we will feel stressed, depressed, anxious and sad especially if we can’t meet their expectations. And we then tell ourselves that we are not good enough. And as time passes on, we are losing ourselves.

Through meditation, we will learn how to be true to ourselves, organize our mind and learn how to let go all the expectations from others and not to live under people’s expectations because this is your life, and you should be the one who create the path for yourself. No matter what path you choose, life is beautiful.


The meditation workshop conducted by Michael was very amazing in the sense it made me realized and be mindful of all things that happened in life come from ourselves. He taught me the philosophy of meditation, how to have a clear state of mind. And by having a clear mind, it helps me to find my true self, learn how to be mindful and have a positive mind.

Ultimately, in life, we seek joy and happiness.

Thank you, Michael & Allyson, for giving me the opportunity to experience meditation


I think this workshop is really good because through the workshop, I managed to learn the importance of self-realization, the power of unconditional love, and the correct method of breathing to help me relax.

Darren Chew

  1. Help us to realize what we really want in life.
  2. Learn how to calm ourselves, how to overcome stress and anxiety, and why we should free ourselves from negativity (our true nature is happiness, joy and light)
  3. At least now I know how to start and where to start meditating.
  4. Learned many keywords and life lessons, wisdom, power of love, power of mindfulness.

Mandy Teh