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Signature Workshop


My workshops and classes are designed to help you discover your higher potential in life. Regardless of your current state in life, I assure you that you will leave the workshop with new lens and refreshed perspective for a happier life.

Are you ready for your journey towards self-realization?

Michael Teh Signature Workshop

The Essence of Life Series

The Essence of Life Series by Michael Teh explores meditation as a powerful tool to realize our true potential. Michael has designed multiple workshops in this series to support his participants’ self realization journey. Workshop Series 1 is currently running every few months on-ground in Kuala Lumpur, titled “Knowledge of The Self and Fundamentals of Meditation.”

Workshop Benefits:

  • Learn different breathing techniques to support independent meditation
  • Release long term hidden negative emotions through guided meditation
  • Cultivate the seed of light and wisdom through knowledge of the self
  • Embrace personal transformation and achieve personal success when you begin your journey of self realization

2-Day Workshop

Weekends, 11 am – 6pm

Kuala Lumpur

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Participant’s Realization from Workshop

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Read More About Past Workshops

Our signature program, “The Essence of Life Workshop Series” concluded recently on a positive note. In this program, Michael shares his formula to evolving consciousness to bring more fulfilments, joy, and love to individuals’ lives.

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Custom Workshop and Classes

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